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715 Leathead Road, Kelowna, BC - Mackintosh House

Mackintosh House
715 Leathead Road
Kelowna, BC


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Mackintosh House at 715 Leathead Road is an adult complex. The complex features 84 units with 42 units on 495 All Star Ct. and 42 units on 715 Leathead Rd.

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    Unregistered User
    Owned a unit in this building

    Reviewed on May 12 2017

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"Oasis, secure and quiet
city living with
community spirit"

This is a rare peaceful oasis with a beautiful pool, underground parking, good storage and friendly neighbours. The building once allowed rentals, but that has been phased out, so now its a safe place for all ages from new born to over 90. Great transportation links and easy access to airport with local shuttle. Bus goes from across the road past all main shopping centers and bus links, direct to city and lake. Hospital easy to reach by bus. A choose a short walk that takes you past the large park to UBC bus. Walking distance to big water/skateboard park, schools, fast food, supermarket, drug store, restaurants, fruit/veg market, butcher, coffee shop, dollar store and many churches. Main shopping center with library, banks and more shops and services only a few blocks further. Building shares facilities with sister building in same strata. Outdoor pool, peaceful garden, games room, bike storage, shared laundry (but most suites also have their own). 2016 new siding, windows, patio fencing.

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Retirees, Students, First Time Buyers, Young Couples

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    Unregistered User
    Visited a unit in this building

    Reviewed on Aug 29 2016

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"Welcome to Mackintosh
House, Do you live here?"

Wether visitor or owner, the standard greeting in this building is not hello, or how are you. NO in this building, the defacto greeting is " Do you live here" Suspicion runs rampant and the strata is run like the building was location in Eastern Europe during the cold war. Prepare to be interrogated by the Stasi secret police, I mean the strata council. You will be spied on and treated like an enemy of the people.

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unregistered user on May 12 2017:
This review you will notice was by a disgruntled visitor that doesnt live in the building. The complaint is about the very thing that makes the building safe and a pleasant place to live in as an owner.

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