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1433 E 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC - Grandview Gardens

Grandview Gardens
1433 E 1st Avenue
Vancouver, BC

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Grandview Gardens at 1433 E 1st Avenue. Located 2 blocks to Commercial Drive. Walk to great shops and restaurants. Few minutes to downtown.

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    Reviewed on Jun 10 2017

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"Poorly managed strata and
building envelope"

This building is old and it's showing its age but the strata move very slowly and don't do necessary repairs or takes years to consider then. This building is overdue for new windows and was set to change 3 years ago, now strata are waiting on a depreciation report. Sets and sets of people are sent out to assess but little is done until it's too late. Communication from strata is poor, there is a divided sense of community and many NIMBY mindsets. The roof is full of rusty junk and no one is allowed to clean it up for fear of throwing away something of someone else's. Lights are left on 24 hours instead of installing timers to save the building both time in less frequently changing light bulbs and money. The strata simply are not aligned on proper building maintenance. Also, we have had multiple break-ins to the garage. Buyer Beware there are many newer buildings with fewer restrictions that are better maintained your better off investing elsewhere.

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