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2041 Bellwood Avenue, Burnaby, BC - Anola Place

Anola Place
2041 Bellwood Avenue
Burnaby, BC

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Anola Place at 2041 Bellwood Avenue is located just a few minutes from Holdom SkyTrain Station on the Millennium Line and a few blocks from Brentwood Town Centre. This central location provides quick access to Highway 1 and is only about 10-15 minutes from downtown Vancouver.

The complex boasts an outdoor pool, a tennis court, and with views of Mt. Baker, Metrotown, and the North Shore mountains.

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    Unregistered User
    Owned a unit in this building

    Reviewed on Jul 9 2010

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"Unfriendly and dated"

Used to own a unit on the 15th floor for 8 yrs. Most of the tenants are older individuals with nothing to do but to stick their noses into others' business. They complain about everything from swimming after certain hours, having a friend's dog over for a visit, even using the elevators for moving and the result is always a fine. The strata comprises of these individuals so forget about having friends over without judging looks. The low income townhousing across the street makes it even worse! Kids run around the nearby park often unsupervised resulting in fights and damaged property. The strata knows how bad it is and asks tenants to volunteer for night time patrol. Maintenance fees are high and tenants still have to night watch? Makes no sense. Would never recommend this building for anyone.

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unregistered user on August 5 2010:
sounds like this person is just not a person who should be living in a dwelling with others..without by-laws in such a building there would be complete chaos ... hope this person has purchased a single family dwelling ... it's quite obvious that's where they need to be. Security cameras on site and no volunteer night patrol for many many many years !! Not appropriate put owners at risk. Great Building !!!
unregistered user on August 26 2010:
ah...I agree with the comments posted by the unregistered user....present council is particularly good at bringing chaos into the existing by-laws just because.....also noted for playing favorites - pursue issues that matter - not the mundane - there are a good many condos operating within the current strata act by-laws and wow they don't have issues we do in this place...I wish I never set foot in here....not to mention the walking distances to sky-train - and despite that we still get all of its noise! They don't like people, pets or pools in this place!
unregistered user on August 27 2010:
The strata council in this building is entirely ineffective. We've had ongoing problems for years, which we've regularly and diligently reported, but the stata council and the property manager have done nothing but ignore us.
unregistered user on January 8 2011:
Some people really just don't belong in a strata complex .. my god whose fault could it be you bought a place too far for you to walk to skytrain.
unregistered user on February 14 2011:
Very over anxious council - need to update by-laws so they are more fair
unregistered user on August 31 2011:
Truthfully this council does need to re-align itself with the land of the living. They are targeting owners and let others break the laws with no fines. The over fine as well. Not a good practice - we will end up in court one day for sure!
unregistered user on March 31 2012:
Great building and well run. Have enjoyed this location for many years. It seems there are a few who are somewhat misinformed.
unregistered user on April 13 2012:
Hoq on earth can people be "misinformed" about their own experiences? The fact remains that this building is saddled with an ineffective and unresponsive strata council that fails to discharge a number of its duties under the Strata Property Act.
unregistered user on August 11 2012:
This is a great place to live! It is so convenient to everywhere. The strata is proactive but not an issue for anyone who likes a clean building and well managed property. This place is great!
unregistered user on January 5 2013:
Good building and good location, but the older residents think it belongs to them entirely. Council is ineffective.
unregistered user on June 19 2014:
Too many crazy old ladies. Allow dogs already, get over it.
unregistered user on September 23 2014:
Inappropriate comments .. perhaps you should move but likely won't be happy there either.

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    Visited a unit in this building

    Reviewed on Aug 18 2008

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I visited a condo in this building. The location is okay, between two skytrains but many older buildings nearby. The unit was facing Lougheed and was a little noisy. The condo itself felt dated and old. The layout as well. But, it isn't a brand new building so I guess I can't expect too much.

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Students, First Time Buyers, Young Couples

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