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5810 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC - Kensington Gardens - 5810

Kensington Gardens - 5810
5810 Hastings Street
Burnaby, BC

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Kensington Gardens is an ten building complex. The buildings are located at 5740 Hastings St., 5750 Hastings St., 5760 Hastings St., 5770 Hastings St., 5780 Hastings St., 5810 Hastings St., 5820 Hastings St., 5912 Hastings St., 5922 Hastings St., and 5932 Hastings St. These undivided interests are located in the Capitol Hill area close to schools and shopping. Also, these buildings are near the bottom of Burnaby Mountain and SFU.

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    Rented a unit in this building

    Reviewed on Dec 22 2015

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"Lacking maintenance"

Even though some units have been upgraded and look good on the surface, the building has a major mold problem. Owners are having to paint the bathrooms every couple of months to cover up the mold. If the crawl space door is opened in the lower hallway, the whole building smells of mold. The building is in desparate need of repair

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