CondoAdvisory Help

The following video screencasts provide an interactive demonstration of CondoAdvisory features:

  • Site Introduction Video Play Button

    An introduction to This is a great video to watch first.

    (3 minutes)

  • How to Write a Review Video Play Button

    A simple guide to writing a a Condo Review on

    (5 minutes)

  • How to Upload Photos for a Condo Video Play Button

    This video shows how easy it is to upload condo photos to

    (4 minutes)

  • How to add a Condo Building Video Play Button

    Is your building not already on If not, you can easily add it.

    (3 minutes)

  • How to use My Favorites Video Play Button

    Our "My Favorites" function is a cool way to keep a list of your favorite condos, and to stay on top of new reviews of those buildings.

    (3 minutes)

  • For Condo Buyers : How to use the Buyer tools Video Play Button

    We have powerful tools for Condo Buyers - keep track of listings you have viewed, and your comments about them. Share your comments easily with your realtor.

    (7 minutes)

  • How to use the Control Panel Video Play Button

    Learn to change your settings and set preferences in the Control Panel.

    (2 minutes)

  • The CondoAdvisory Blog Video Play Button

    Learn about the CondoAdvisory Blog, a great resource for Buyers and Sellers of Condos, and to keep on top of happenings in the industry.

    (2 minutes)

  • Thank You Video Play Button

    A big thank you to those who post reviews, and to our sponsors!

    (2 minutes)